What kind of student is a Shoshanas Bais Yaakov girl?

The Shoshanas student is a motivated, serious Bais Yaakov girl who wants a meaningful seminary year of growth and learning. Our students are girls who want to go to Eretz Ysroel but are unable to this year.

What does a sample day at Shoshanas Bais Yaakov look like?

Our daily schedule will include top seminary teachers giving interactive classes, as well as social and extracurricular activities. This will include lectures, individualized skill-building groups, extracurricular and social activities, as well as non-classroom academic programming.

What subjects are taught at Shoshanas?

The Shoshanas curriculum balances in-depth, intellectual textual learning along with the Torah hashkafa which will guide your daughter throughout her life. There is no busy work at SBY, all text classes are focused on mastering Mefarshei Chumash and Navi, and delving into their timeless messages. There will be skill-building time built into the schedule as well, with tutors guiding your daughter to enable her to maximize her learning. Please see the course listing for further information.

What kind of extracurricular activities are you planning?

  • Fantastic yemei iyun (some topics – technology, tznius, shidduchim, chinuch, emunah and bitachon, women in the workplace)
  • Our live weekly spotlight program (spotlight on Gedolim, chesed organizations, frum women, chashivus haTorah)
  • Real time tours of Yerushalayim and Eretz Yisroel with well known professional tour guides
  • Projects and presentations
  • Group crafts and activities
  •  Fantastic games,  hunts, and contests
  • Cooking with teachers
  • Virtual Melave Malkas
  • Production
  • CD

How will we make friends with other girls?

We are developing a groundbreaking social program that will help facilitate a unique bond between the students. We also have fantastic programming in place to help form connections for life with teachers and staff. We aim to create an amazing group feeling, and friendships that will iy”h last forever.

Is there any live social interaction for the students?

Shoshanas is planning an in-person mid-winter optional Israel Trip (extra fee, subsidized by SBY; as per Ministry of Health guidelines) so we can get to know you even better!

How do the students join classes and submit homework and tests?

Every student is provided with a TAG- approved filtered tablet with Zoom and the SBY portal installed. All homework and tests are submitted through the portal. There is no other internet access on the device.

How many credits can be earned in one year in Shoshanas Bais Yaakov?

Shoshanas Bais Yaakov offers up to 36 credits per year.

Are these credits directly from the seminary, or do I have to apply separately to college?

You can submit your transcript to the University Registrar and request a credit transfer.

Can a student hold a part-time job or be in part-time college at the same time as being a Shoshanas Bais Yaakov student?

The Shoshanas program is intensive. It would be challenging to have an additional large project in your life, but part time is doable. We of course take into account that you’re attending Shoshanas while home with your family, and we prioritize that as well.

Will classes be recorded in case a student misses one?

Classes are only available live. At Shoshanas we know that live interaction and individual attention from teachers are crucial for proper learning. If unfortunately a class is missed, we will help you make up the material. Every girl will receive a recording of the year’s classes at the end of the year.

What is the cost of tuition?

Our tuition rate is $8500. There is an application fee of $20, which is paid when submitting your application, on the website or through email.

What are the dates of the Shoshanas Bais Yaakov seminary year?

First Semester: Sep 8 2020 – December 24 2020

Second Semester: January 24 2021 – May 28 2021