Seminary Level Classes

Interactive, engaging seminary level classes from Eretz Yisroel’s best mechanchim and mechanchos, with the opportunity to form a personal relationship and gain hadracha.

Practical Halacha

Practical Halacha curriculum preparing our girls for the myriad challenges faced by a Bas Yisroel in the secular work environment.

Live Classes from EY

Rabbonim and teachers at Shoshanas BY will give shiurim over Zoom. Students will be provided with TAG-approved devices with Zoom installed.

College Credits

Students can receive up to 36 college credits for their year at Shoshanas, which can be transferred to any college of their choice.

Israel Trip

Mid - Winter Optional Israel Trip (extra fee, subsidized by SBY) as per Ministry of Health guidelines. Spend 10 incredible days learning and touring Eretz Yisroel, while building life-long friendships and a kesher with teachers.

Inspiring monthly Yemei Iyun

Topics include: Yomim Tovim, Friendships, Shidduchim, Chinuch, Workplace Challenges, Living in Eretz Yisroel

Individualized Attention

Eretz Yisroel style individualized attention - va’adim, meetings, chaburos - overseen by our mechaneches, Mrs. Batya Weinberg